Scope of Services

IMPAC ENGINEERING & OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED has over 18 years of experience, offering a broad range of engineering and consultancy services which includes but not limited to: Feasibility studies, Concept/Basic Design, Front End Engineering Design (FEED), Detailed Engineering Design (DED), Project and Construction Management) to the oil, gas and power sectors both Brownfield and Greenfield for the onshore and offshore projects in the energy industry.

In the upstream (both onshore & offshore) in the Oil & Gas Industry, we have competence in Exploration & Production Facilities, Storage facilities, transport facilities (including pipelines), power & utilities, and loading & unloading facilities. In the downstream section, our competence is in Storage facilities, transport facilities, power & utilities, and loading & unloading facilities.

We use experienced team of industry professionals using innovative tools, companies specifications and local & international standards to provide the following services:


We provide general and overall consultancy services to our Clients to all phase of the project. Furthermore, we act as the Owner’s Engineer in order to represent the interests and intentions of the Client. This includes the supervision, review and approval of third parties services and supplies.

Basic Design & FEED

We provide Basic Design and Front End Engineering Designs (FEED) for onshore & offshore projects, comprising design premises, design philosophies, process flow diagrams, process descriptions, equipment lists, general designs and layouts, general specifications and data sheet of Long Lead Items and preliminary cost estimates +/-30%.

Detailed Design & Engineering

In Detailed Design & Engineering, we provide cost effective solutions with sufficient details, without compromising on the details, which allows for procurement, fabrication, installation, construction, commissioning and operation of the plant or the facility.

Procurement & Logistics

We provide procurement & logistic support services to our clients as may be required on their projects. This includes but not limited to providing pricing information, sourcing and expediting of equipment or material with the support of our international suppliers and partners, review of vendor drawing and documentation to ensure compliance to the design/project objectives, and evaluation of bids.

Project & Construction Management

We provide Project & Construction Management services to our clients as may be required on their projects. We provide construction engineering during construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning.

EPCM / EPC (in conjunction with EPC Companies)

In addition to the typical engineering services IMPaC in collaboration with construction Companies is disposed to execute selected projects on Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPCM) or in special cases, on Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC).

Operations and Maintenance Services

IMPAC has indirectly offered this service to the major Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria. In collaboration with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), IMPAC intends to expand her scope and directly provide this service to Clients and it include the following:

  1. Engineering Services
  2. Project Administration including provision of manpower for the various categories and expertise as may be required on a project
  3. Procurement assistance
  4. Construction assistance